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The New WhoReadMe with New Features

April 04, 2012

After few months of development, the upgraded WhoReadMe is finally here. Sorry for the wait and issues during this period as I only able to do it on my spare time. Here is the summary of new features and upgrade list: Migrat...

End of Beta Stage

December 29, 2011

WhoReadMe v3 Beta has been released long enough. During this period, we have collected enough feedbacks and suggestions from users to encourage us moving forward. We have decided to end the beta stage of WhoReadMe v3 within 3 months and releas...

Tracking Button

February 07, 2011

The number of users of WhoReadMe is keep increasing. This is a great news for us, and we have just migrated into a high performance server to serve you better! We expect no down time for the migrate to avoid any interrupts.Meanwhile, we added trackin...

New Domain:

December 14, 2010

Please note that "" will no longer in use.Please use in future.

Minor Changes in Tracking Result

September 18, 2010

We removed the AJAX style tracking result and added a new page for it.

My To-do List

September 16, 2010

Here is our to-do list from feedbacks we collected recently. Please e-mail us for any other feedback.1. Twitter integration. Get notification on your twitter account.2. Enabled/Disabled tracking before tracking expired.3. Able to manage scheduled e-m...

Delivery Status

August 12, 2010

Many users are complaining the delivery status of their e-mail is showing "On the way" recently. It's due the high work load of our mail server. Please aware that the e-mails are actually delivered, but there will be a delay in the status update.

Expiry Mode Enabled

March 12, 2010

Expiry mode has been enabled under advanced settings. You can set the expiry date of your e-mail content now. Please note that links inside your e-mail still be removed if you select this mode.

Compatible with most browsers

March 11, 2010

We have trying our best to deliver maximum compatibilities to all kind of browsers. The final works for layout has been done. Please contact us if you still having layout issue with your browser.

Features Enhancement

March 04, 2010

After few weeks of review, we have made some improvements of our existing features. The changes are listed below:Read Notification - Reduced the amount of duplicate read notification e-mails.Return Mails - Blocked return e-mails from sending back to ...

Expiry mode temporarily disabled

February 24, 2010

Expiry mode has been disabled because this feature is still unstable. Feature will be available again as soon as it has been upgraded.