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Notification Options

April 24, 2012

Notification options is added under Account > Settings. You can now choose where notifications from WhoReadMe will send to. Four options at this moment:Send notification to primary email address,originating email address,Twitter account,or Boxcar ...

The New WhoReadMe with New Features

April 04, 2012

After few months of development, the upgraded WhoReadMe is finally here. Sorry for the wait and issues during this period as I only able to do it on my spare time. Here is the summary of new features and upgrade list: Migrat...

End of Beta Stage

December 29, 2011

WhoReadMe v3 Beta has been released long enough. During this period, we have collected enough feedbacks and suggestions from users to encourage us moving forward. We have decided to end the beta stage of WhoReadMe v3 within 3 months and releas...

Push Notification on Your iOS Devices

October 28, 2011

WhoReadMe now supports push notification for iPad, iPhone, iPod, and Mac!We have added push notification through free iOS app called Boxcar. To enable WhoReadMe push notification is very simple:1. Download and install Boxcar app from App store. For M...

Tracking Button

February 07, 2011

The number of users of WhoReadMe is keep increasing. This is a great news for us, and we have just migrated into a high performance server to serve you better! We expect no down time for the migrate to avoid any interrupts.Meanwhile, we added trackin...

My To-do List

September 16, 2010

Here is our to-do list from feedbacks we collected recently. Please e-mail us for any other feedback.1. Twitter integration. Get notification on your twitter account.2. Enabled/Disabled tracking before tracking expired.3. Able to manage scheduled e-m...

Expiry Mode Enabled

March 12, 2010

Expiry mode has been enabled under advanced settings. You can set the expiry date of your e-mail content now. Please note that links inside your e-mail still be removed if you select this mode.

Features Enhancement

March 04, 2010

After few weeks of review, we have made some improvements of our existing features. The changes are listed below:Read Notification - Reduced the amount of duplicate read notification e-mails.Return Mails - Blocked return e-mails from sending back to ...

Expiry mode temporarily disabled

February 24, 2010

Expiry mode has been disabled because this feature is still unstable. Feature will be available again as soon as it has been upgraded.

Attachment Tracking Disabled

August 23, 2009

We are temporarily disabled attachment tracking feature in WhoReadMe system for server upgrade.

WhoReadMe is going to Version 3.0 soon

August 08, 2009

Good news! We are currently working with WhoReadMe v3.0. WhoReadMe will meet you soon with new interface,  enhanced features and new features will be included!

Sponsors wanted

July 02, 2009

We are currently looking for sponsors to host our website. As a rebate, your banner will be added to WhoReadMe website.

WhoReadMe is Back!

May 08, 2009

Finally WhoReadMe is moved out from a shared hosting and has its own server.WhoReadMe is back earlier as expected to continue providing free email tracking service for you!Kindly feedback to us at [email protected] for speed of new server, techni...

Added Redirection after Login

January 29, 2009

Minor changes in Website. Added some use- friendly redirections.

Auto-Save Draft Feature Added

January 13, 2009

We alway hear your feedback. Now, your email content will be saved automatically every one minute. Your content will saved into draft too when you are being logged out due idle for long period.

Minor Interface Changed

January 08, 2009

The layout of Tracked Emails has been changed for better and faster browsing experience.Added new feature. You will get notification if your email is not able to deliver to recipient mailbox.

Chinese Simplified and Chinese Traditional is Now Available

November 18, 2008

We are proud to announce that WhoReadMe is available in Chinese Simplified and Chinese Traditional language. Kindly contact us if there are any translation errors.

Host Name Field Added

November 08, 2008

Internet host name field has been added. Now you able to view ISP which hosted your recipient's IP address.

New Era of WhoReadMe

November 01, 2008

Great to announce that the new version WhoReadMe is now released!After one year of beta testing, we collected a lot of comments, bug reports, and suguestions. Yes, we hear your voice! And now, the new version of WhoReadMe is released with all the fea...

Press Release at PR Compass

July 11, 2007

WhoReadMe press release is available at PR Compass now. Click the following link for more details:

Press Release at PressBox

July 11, 2007

WhoReadMe press release is available at PressBox now. Click the following link for more details:

Press Release at PR Leap

July 11, 2007

WhoReadMe press release is available at PR Leap now. Click the following link for more details:

Press Release at 1888 Press Release

July 11, 2007

WhoReadMe press release is available at 1888 Press Release now. Click the following link for more details:

Press Release at Press World

July 10, 2007

WhoReadMe press release is available at Press World now. Click the following link for more details: