New Era of WhoReadMe

November 01, 2008

Great to announce that the new version WhoReadMe is now released!

After one year of beta testing, we collected a lot of comments, bug reports, and suguestions. Yes, we hear your voice! And now, the new version of WhoReadMe is released with all the features you requested!

What's new in the new version of WhoReadMe? The major change is the system interface, hope you're like it. And there are few few more features has been added.

- More accurate location tracking with enhanced map.

- Email content expiry

- Email attachment tracking. Yeah, now you can know your recipient is downloading your attachment!

- Enhanced auto complete for recipient email address. Auto save email address to your address book.

- Ability to save your email draft.

- Support direct import your address book from AOL, Gmail, Hotmail, and Yahoo!

- New member referral program to earn more credits for to send tracked emails.

and more!

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