End of Beta Stage

December 29, 2011

WhoReadMe v3 Beta has been released long enough. During this period, we have collected enough feedbacks and suggestions from users to encourage us moving forward.

We have decided to end the beta stage of WhoReadMe v3 within 3 months and release a stable version of WhoReadMe v3!

Currently we are still working with new features and some performance tunning, and hopefully it can meet the timeline. Feature coming in next release includes:

1. Unlimited tracking period
2. Unlimited expire time
3. Stop/Resume tracking anytime
4. Manage scheduled task
5. Twitter notification
6. Configure tracking period, notify period, attachment tracking, link tracking from your own email client
7. Notifications will send to sender email in stead of primary email of the account
8. Tracking page will sort by recipient instead of email.
9. Tracking result can be exported as printable PDF, CSV, or text.

Meanwhile, attachment tracking, and link tracking are temporarily disabled for bug fixes and algorithms tuning.

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March 22, 2012 01:39:45 AM (9 years ago)   
I love your service! amazing thing that you offer. will be likely donating at some point once I use it some more :).



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