Email Server Outage

September 29, 2013

We are having an email server outage for last 48 hours. However this issue only affected email delivered to @hotmail, @live, @outlook, and @aol. The service is now restored. We are apologized for any inconveniences caused.

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October 07, 2013 12:44:08 PM (8 years ago)   
Hola,gente de Whoreadme,me gustaría saber como configurar en mi cuenta el STMP ya que no he tenido éxito en ello.Gracias desde ya!


October 19, 2013 02:26:09 PM (8 years ago)   
no se porque cuando le emvio un email a un contacto desde whoreadme y me lo lee ,me dice que la localizacion de este es fuera de españa y se q esta en españa,sabe alguien porque es,mi correo es:[email protected]


October 23, 2013 09:11:31 PM (8 years ago)   
I have not been getting notifications for emails that i know have been opened. This seems to be in the past couple of weeks. Is there a problem with the service? It use to work so well.


January 22, 2019 04:39:52 PM (3 years ago)   


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